CRB or “Disclosure and Barring Service” checks

There have been a number of queries about Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (or what used to be CRB checks).  It does appear that it is the responsibility of individuals to pay for their own DBS checks (See Slide 6 of this presentation from Health Education West Midlands) where as in the past this was paid for by the Employer.  More information about DBS checks for Doctors in training can be found on the NHS Employers website.  It looks as though you may update your DBS check rather than repeat the process of applying for a new check and this can be done via the website (thank you Matt).

Trainee Trajectory for GP Trainees

Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber have produced an extremely useful document (Trainee Trajectory) which charts what it is you should be doing during the three years you spend as a GP trainee.  We realise when you first start that being aware of when it is you should be doing the various Work Based Placed Assessments (WBPAs) etc can be difficult – I think this document summarises it well.


As the new ST 1 trainees settle in, we hope that those ST 3 trainees who have recently left are doing well in their new jobs and enjoying life as independent GPs.


In other news…Dr Iolanthe Fowler is looking to re-form a South Yorkshire Trainee Forum.  This sounds like an excellent opportunity for any trainees who may be interested in sharing and exchanging ideas with other GP trainees.  Further details can be found here.


There is also an exciting opportunity for those GP trainees who are currently starting ST 2.  The Yorkshire and Humber Deanery are advertising an Out Of Training Opportunity (OOPE) to two destinations: New Zealand and South Africa.  These would commence from August 2014 and last for one year.  Further details can be found here.


Finally, on the 21st September, the RCGP Sheffield Faculty is hosting an AiT Fair at the Workstation in Sheffield.  There are a number of speakers with topics ranging from “How to survive GP training” to “Life long learning”.  The flyer for the event can be found here.


As always, please feel free to contact one of us, or Rose, if you have any questions, or are experiencing any problems.

South Yorkshire GP Conference

A big thank you to Rotherham VTS for hosting a great conference today.  Prof Nigel Mathers delivered a thought provoking lecture on Shared Decision Making, Patient Collaboration and the use of Patient Decision Aids.  There was a variety of workshops and I have to give a special mention to MB Improv who really gave me a completely different way of looking at the consultation and how to improve the patient-doctor relationship.


Promise to Amalia

Promise to Amalia was set up in January 2013 by Amalia’s parents, Charmaine (who used to be on the Barnsley VTS between 2007-2010) & her husband Kanch after their daughter Amalia was born asleep in December 2012.


They wanted to keep their promise to make her imprint on the world a positive one, by helping those less fortunate than she would have been.  Promise to Amalia is currently helping an underprivileged school in Sri Lanka and hopes to use this as a platform to further support children and their families in need.


The charity’s website, will be available soon with more details.  As a new charity, regular support would not only ensure the sustainability of Promise to Amalia, but it would also allow for Charmaine and Kanch to plan ahead and take on larger projects to help those in need.


Charmaine & Kanch would deeply appreciate any donation, however small, as it will allow their work to have more of an impact on the communities they help.  Donations can be given through Virgin Money Giving: Promise to Amalia (either a standard monthly amount or any “other” amount).


Thank you for your support and generosity in helping Promise to Amalia make a difference.