Results of the CSA review

The independent review of the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) has now been published. The General Medical Council (GMC) commissioned the review amidst growing concerns from groups such as the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) about the failure rate for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) taking part in the CSA.  Further details of the review can be found at


Despite the conclusion suggesting that “it is the preparedness of UK graduates that may be an explanation for the differences between these two groups” and observing that the “CSA is not a culturally neutral examination” the author of the report, Prof Aneez Esmail, has allegedly accused the GMC and RCGP of “mis-representing” his report.


In 2010 the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery published a report looking at the experience of IMGs.  The results of this report seem to support some of the conclusions from the CSA review and may be useful for trainees and their trainers to take into account. Our hope is that all trainees on the Barnsley VTS get a better understanding of the culture of the local communities within which they work.


“Whistleblowing” in the NHS

The recent report from Grant Thornton highlighting the alleged cover up by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) of the deaths of babies in Furness General Hospital has thrown the process of “whistleblowing” within the NHS into the spotlight.


The British Medical Association (BMA) defines whistle blowing as “the popular term applied to a situation where an employee raises concerns to people who have the power and willingness to take corrective action”.  There has also been a recent article in the BMJ examining the issues which surround whistle blowing.


As trainees you may be involved in, or become aware of, events which you feel require escalation.  Whether this occurs in hospital, or in general practice, the process of raising concerns is likely to be a difficult one.  I hope that the links included give you some guidance as to the best approach: RCGP – NHS Whistle Blowing and GMC – Raising Concerns.  You can also find a thought-provoking post about whistle blowing from NHS Consultant Philip Berry on his blog “Illusions of Autonomy” which illustrates the dilemmas you may face.


National Training Survey Results 2013

You can find the results of the GMC (@gmcuk) NTS here.  I have also gone into a bit more detail and tried to find those results which have more relevance for you guys.  I would be intrigued to know if the results correlate with your own experiences – let us know!


Click here for the Barnsley NTS Results.


Click here for the October 2012 Deanery Report Action Plan which summarises concerns raised within Barnsley DGH.


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